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Feeling like Balto

February 08, 2021 - (2 min read)

Have you ever felt like Balto?

Neither dog nor wolf?

That mix of thoughts that buzz around in your head after a few years of working and you can start to draw conclusions. You've learned so much, at the same time you've discovered that you have many passions that you'd like to explore and why not, try to develop them to the best of your ability to excel at something.

But which to choose?

Over the years, I have often heard people say to me: "if you want to make a difference, find a skill that you would like to develop, and try to focus exclusively on that. There is too much competition in the world, you have to verticalise your know-how.

For a while in my life I tried to do that, but at some point I discovered that there wasn't a single thing I liked to do. I started as a web designer (first job after university). Then I had an amazing experience in a startup as a Product Designer and Project Manager, where I could touch the different areas of a company, taking my head out of the mere design world. At that very moment I realised there were a world of skills I wanted to develop.

I tried to find the right career path to nurture these passions: the solution was to found a Web Agency (Beconcept Studio). At this point, many other factors came into play, beyond the 'simple' choice of one's skillset. After all, you have to take your company forward.

After three years, full of great sacrifices and just as many satisfactions, I can say for sure that this experience is teaching me a lot, maybe more than I expected.

This leads me to think that yes, perhaps it is true that there is incredible competition in the world. And that focusing on one skill can help you reach your goals. But it is also true that maybe this is not the right path for all of us.

It's probably right that everyone is free to follow their own path and that we don't have to let go of passions that we discover we have along the way. As Emilie Wapnick says in her TEDx talk, it's completely normal to have more potential and it's essential to try and embrace it to make it part of our soft and hard skill set.

So if you sometimes feel like Balto, maybe it's because you still have a lot of potential to explore ;)