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Stop and write

January 25, 2021 - (2 min read)

So yeah, I've made up my mind. I'm going to start writing. I want to build a new habit to try to convince myself to do something that in 2021 now seems unachievable: take a moment, to face one thought at a time.

This doesn't mean posting an article every day on my new blog. No, it would only lead to unnecessary performance anxiety. I'll settle for writing. Then, in case I'll find what comes out of my thoughts interesting, I'll publish it without hesitation.

As it is a simple test, I do not promise anything, neither on the topics nor on the quality of the information.

Oh and also! Since you probably don't know me, I'll tell you in advance what goes on in my head, so that if one day you dream of reading what I write, you'll know what you're going to die of. I love the startup ecosystem (especially the world of SaaS), I love to cook, I'm cultivating a healthy obsession with Neapolitan pizza, I surround myself with as many plants as possible, as a Digital Designer I worship any form of creative expression, I'm moderately sporty and I have a blood tie with my favorite team (amala).

See you soon Andrea